The 6 Best Cosplay Body Paintings In 2021

Cosplay is a fun and interesting hobby. Cosplay is a laborious, time-consuming hobby and paintings are one of them.

The paintings are the last link between the dressing and the life of the character. Therefore, it is important to go out and work with paints often and as hard as possible.

We’ve compiled a list of the best paint brands and products available today to make your life easier.

  • Our favorite: Mehron

Mehron is the source of many circus shows, Broadway shows and theatrical performances. Their reputation is well established and their products continue to follow the same winning formula they have used for decades. This formula uses gentle and safe raw materials that can easily last for hours on the skin.

It lasts for hours if you add a few sprays with a setting spray. The price is the only thing that can make it run out. These products are among the most expensive on the market but they will not disappoint you in terms of quality, safety or softness.

These are the best cosplay colors you can buy if you don’t care about the price but only the quality.


  • They are extremely safe and gentle and come with moisturizers such as avocado oil and cocoa bean butter.
  • Hypoallergenic, Safe for Vegans, FDA Classified
  • You can easily hold a competition by using a fixing spray

The inconvenients

  • The most expensive, mass-produced body paint


Snazaroo is consistently rated as one of the top brands for body paint and cosplay. Their face paints are rated among the best in the market. They offer something for everyone, and at affordable prices. This is the reason why they are so popular.

The entire Snazaroo product line is highly safe. This includes products that are safe for sensitive skin and those that have been approved by the FDA on all major parameters. You will have a great overall experience, thanks to the 36 paint options available.

These colors are available in a range of shades so you don’t have to worry about whether your cosplay is with Overwatch characters or your favorite Anime character. There is a compromise. The concentration of pigments in these colors might be a bit lower than what we’d like to see in face paints, but it’s enough for all cosplay conventions.

Overall, Snazaroo is a reliable, safe, and affordable body paint brand.


  • You can choose from a variety of colors to make your shade unique.
  • You can order paintings individually according to your needs
  • Very safe, they offer a rewarding but affordable experience.

The inconvenients

  • Some paint colors do not have the same concentration as other brands.

Graftobian ProPaint Kit

Graftobian offers an offer comparable to the Mehron Face Painting kit. Graftobian paints are superior in quality and quantity, and last much longer than other paints.

Graftobian cosplay paints are a top contender with their wide range of colors and excellent quality!

The paintings are of the highest quality. Mehron is the only company that can offer paints with ingredients of this quality.

They are also FDA compliant, so your skin will not be affected by poor quality body paints. This set includes 12 colors that can be mixed to create your own shades.

All of these paints are water-based, which makes it easy to apply and remove from the skin. You can forget about lax safety standards because these paints are made on site in the United States. The president of Graftobian provides his phone number on each box. We have never seen this level of commitment to customer satisfaction in this market before.

This kit requires that you be able to digest the premium it needs over other products. You will get the best cosplay experience with premium brand of cosplay paint.


  • Available in 12 vibrant colors, all water based
  • The paintings are packed in a luxury box
  • Water-based aids for removal and application

The inconvenients

  • Very expensive

TAG Face Paint

These TAG face paints are not intended for use as body paints. However, they can be applied while cosplaying all over your body. These paints weren’t meant to be used as cosplay paints, so they almost missed our radar. Cosplayers had positive results and enough paint to do at least one full coat of each color.

This paint set is safe, high quality, and affordable. The set costs around one-fifth the price of individual Mehrons colors, but it will last twice as long. These paints are strong and will last for years.

Another advantage of TAG face paints is that the small size of these paints (25cm x 10cm) can easily slip into any purse, bag or purse. These can be easily transported to conventions!

Nine of the 12 colors you receive are standard and three are unique paint shades hard to find elsewhere. TAG face paints are a unique but economical option.


  • If you buy the kit it will be much cheaper than Mehron or even Snazaroo
  • FDA approved paint colors are vivid and punchy.
  • The paints are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

The inconvenients

  • None of them as such

Mosaiz Face Paint

We have covered several water based liquid cosplay colors. We are now going to cover paint sticks (aka pencils). These body paint pencils have been rated safe and are easier to use and remove than liquid cosplay paints. They are also much cheaper! It is possible to get finer details with paint sticks, but it’s a great combination.

These cosplay colors are great for getting the perfect details or adding some rudimentary accents or outlines to your cosplay outfit.

These paints are extremely safe and reliable in quality and will last for many cosplay events and sessions. These paints are also available in two metallic colors, which gives them an advantage over other options.

These are FDA approved, hypoallergenic, FDA approved, food grade approved, and FDA approved. This makes them safe for sensitive skin. They are 8cm long, which makes them ideal for traveling. These are essential for cosplay.


  • Available in a variety of colors, including accents made from metallic paints
  • Ideal for taking on a trip and little last-minute touches
  • The safest paint today

The inconvenients

  • Need a complete liquid cosplay kit?

Ben Nye Magicolor Liquid Paints & Glitters

Ben Nye is the best known brand for cosplay supplies. These paintings provide one of the best painting experiences.

Ben Nye products can be purchased individually, unlike many other brands. There are many sizes available and the paint bottle will last you between 20 and 70 sessions, depending on how you use it. You can also buy their popular glitter which is just as safe as paint.

Ben Nye offers a variety of products which are the de facto standard. It is easy to find hair and body paints, as well as face and body paints. Face and body paints are also available in a wide range of colors.


  • The paints are sold individually and are the safest on the market.
  • For the best cosplay look, combine it with glitter or a Ben Nye hair color
  • Paints last longer than other brands for the same price

The inconvenients

  • It is not possible to have a kit. This could cause logistical problems.

This concludes our discussion of the 6 best paint brands and cosplay kits. We now turn our attention to another important aspect of cosplay painting, which is often overlooked. These are the accessories you need to make your cosplay look professional. Without the spoilsports of nature, paintings won’t last long enough.


You can use the Fixing Spray before and after applying the paints. It acts as a second layer of skin to protect the paint from cracking and peeling. It is usually made with a mixture of alcohol and water. This is important so that the paints adhere to all areas of the skin, especially the oily face.

Applying a coat of setting spray before painting will bring out the best qualities of the paint, such as pigmentation, shine and punch.

You will need a fixer spray if you want to take lots of photos and make sure the paint lasts as long as possible.

It won’t be obvious, so it’s hard to miss it. However, you will notice it after a few hours and then you will want to apply a layer.

High density sponge

You should always have a supply of sponges to ensure the uniformity of your paint. The sponge is the best tool available to maintain uniformity and prevent streaking. Use thin coats whenever possible. This will ensure that your paint lasts longer without cracking. This will extend the life of the paint around your joints!


Brushes are one thing that you need to be very careful with. A larger brush (eg to get finer details you will need a larger brush (eg artistic grade synthetic brushes are standard. For a unique look you will need a variety stroke options and brush styles.


Finally, we find a specific chemical solution to the problem of oil painting. Oil paints can be difficult to remove. That’s why it’s important to always have a makeup remover on hand, especially for times when the artist makes a mistake. You can use any type of makeup remover: bar soap with a water-resistant makeup remover, or a strong facial cleanser.

It may be obvious that we only looked at products made from water. We prefer water-based paints over oil paints because they are easier to apply and remove.


The budget is another important factor to consider when buying cosplay paintings. You will not be able to paint cosplay costumes perfectly if you are not a professional yet. If you are a professional, nothing would be better than the best.


If you are not sure what color your cosplay paint kit is, it may make a difference. While some kits only contain generic colors, others have the exact shade you need to make your character look realistic. Consider the budget first, then the color.

An approximation of a shade is better than a precise shade, but less expensive.

Closing comments

Today’s discussion will end with the best body colors available for cosplay. You should now understand the differences between the many products available and know how to distinguish wheat from chaff.

Have fun with cosplaying and good luck in your search for the best cosplay colors!