How to apply Halloween makeup step by step

devil makeup

This is a very easy Halloween makeup look to simplify if you so choose. All you really have to do is turn on the red and black color scheme and add it to the horns. You can make a full red face paint or use red eye shadow and lipstick with some rhinestones. If you choose the red base, the look of heavy black eyes and black lipstick will stand out beautifully. Now you can be the subject of a scary Halloween story .


The siren is slightly different from the mermaid in that the siren is a bit more dangerous. So with that in mind, to recreate the look of a siren, you’ll want it to be dark and moody. This makeup is a mix of violet and gray, which you can achieve with face paint and some shading. Just blend these colors around your face and eyes, add some definition to the nostrils, and you’re good to go. Up the horror factor with these spooky Halloween costumes that will give anyone having nightmares .

joker makeup

Turning yourself into one of Batman’s enemies doesn’t have to be difficult, just start with a white base, paint over your eyebrows with red eyeshadow or face paint, add a red nose and lips, and smudge your eyes with some blue eyeshadow. A crisp wing will tie some eyeliner together and of course a green wig.

heart’s Queen

Alice in Wonderland character does not require much in the way of make-up. The hearts are the most important part, and you can interpret it however you like. To get that specific look, you can start with a neutral base, a dramatic look on eye shadow, and a little heart color on your lips. The costume itself is where the real drama happens.


Want to look like the creature that walked all over you while you’re lying in the woods this Halloween, you can paint over the footprints with eyeshadow and then make a dramatic smokey eye. The rest of this look is fairly neutral except for the blank stare contact lenses .

David Bowie

Dress up the musical legend with a little makeup and the right wig. To mimic the look of Ziggy Stardust , give yourself a pink and white base and then paint over the lightning bolt. This is one of the impressive Halloween makeup ideas that is surprisingly easy to implement, and can be complemented with some smudged lipstick and eyeliner. Speaking of music, these Halloween songs should be on your costume party playlist .

punk makeup

Your evil face has a perfect complexion, increase the size of your eyes. A mix of red and black shadows, along with strong eyeliner and eyebrows, will add drama. A red lip completes the look. Don’t miss our other DIY Disney costumes .

kiss makeup

For this rock star look, use a bit of black face paint to make the star and some rhinestones to add sparkle. On the other hand, a smoky eye with false eyelashes will add the perfect amount of flair. Finish with a bold black lip and you’re all set. Go as a whole squad for a great Halloween group costume .

Cruella de Vil

In Emma Stone’s Cruella , one of her looks features black face paint with “Future” written in the negative space. You can cut out letters and place them on your face and then paint around to create this look quite easily. A bright red lip and her iconic wig plus a puppy will finish this outfit off .

jungle princess

For a simple yet beautiful look, try this jungle fairy idea. All it takes is a few light eye shadows and some hand-drawn flowers or vines with white liquid eyeliner. Beyond that, you can dress up and style your hair however you like! This also works as a lovely costume for the kids .

Poison ivy

Channel your inner temptation to turn yourself into Batman’s enemy. To throw away this Halloween makeup idea, swipe green eyeshadow all over your eyelids and around your face as well. You can use green eyeliner to draw in flowers and foliage before adding big eyelashes and a bold lip .

black Tiger

This outfit doesn’t require much in the way of makeup. You’ll mostly just want to draw shuri dots on your face and really rely on your costume to tell the story. Aside from Black Panther itself, here are some fashion ideas for men that the man in your life will love .

fairy makeup

This fantasy makeup looks so elaborate, but you can simplify it easily. For example, you can use some flowers manually on your face in the colors you like or even use flower stickers instead. Choose a coordinating flower crown and wig to piece it all together .

Singer Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga really wowed the crowd at the Met Gala 2019. To recreate this look, you need black and white eyeliner, a bright pink lip and something to adorn your eyes. You can either cut up pieces of gold foil and attach them to eyelash glue or opt for face adhesives. Just be careful of any sharp edges