Halloween 2022: origin, history and legends, learn all about it!

HALLOWEEN. Halloween takes place on October 31, 2022 in France and around the world. Contrary to what one might think, this holiday does not come from the United States but from Ireland. Know everything about its origins and legends.

Halloween falls on October 31st every year. The date is perfect for going out and celebrating the living dead with a proper disguise and makeup. If this party is the time for the little ones to go and ask their neighbors for candies and other treats, adults also take this opportunity to participate in surprising evenings such as escape game or horrific theater.

Why is Halloween celebrated on October 31, the eve of  All Saints? This celebration of Celtic origin is said to be the scariest day of the year, according to a centuries-old tradition

What’s the story of Halloween?

Its existence is much older and the party was born not so far from home. Halloween is indeed derived from the celebration of Samain (Irish name) or Samonios (Gallic name), created by the Celts. This religious festival, led by Druids, was held at the end of autumn (at the end of the harvests) and marked the start of a new year. In Ireland and Gaul, people feared this Samain night, during which evil spirits could rage. To avoid this “black” presence and ward off danger, the inhabitants lit fires in the open air. This night was also a “meantime” between the world of the living and the dead. The Celts left their doors open so that the deceased of their families could return for a few hours among the living. This tradition is is somewhat extinct with the arrival of the Romans in Gaul and Christianity in these regions, around the 5th century. Pope Boniface IV even declared in 610 that this festival was pagan and decided to create the All Saints’ Day , feast of all saints. Celebrated at the time May 13, All Saints change date to the eighth century and is attached to the 1 st of November. Some historians clearly see it as a reference to the Celtic feast of Samain, a desire to Christianize Samain. A reference that will also find an echo when the feast of the dead will be instituted in the 10th century on November 2, the day after All Saints’ Day.

What are the legends of Halloween?

What are the scariest stories to tell yourself by the fireside on Halloween night? The White Lady is one of the most popular because it would be taken from a testimony dating from 1977. It tells the story of a very pale girl dressed in white immobilized on the side of the road one late evening in a rain swinging. A doctor picks her up in his car and offers to take her home. During the journey, the girl remains very silent, but the driver nevertheless manages to know her first name, Margaret. Arrived on the Pont-du-Furet, it is abnormally agitated …. He brings her back to his home but it is at this moment that the young woman disappears. He rings the doorbell of his home, and a couple opens the door. He then learns that their only daughter died on the Pont-du-Furet years earlier …Bloody Mary , a bloody entity that haunts mirrors? Of the werewolf , a man who turns into a gigantic wolf, no longer controlling his actions and mercilessly slaughtering his victims on full moon nights?

Where in the world to celebrate Halloween?

What are the most popular destinations to celebrate Halloween? Well, be aware that  Ireland would be the “ideal place to provoke great scares” on Halloween. Its ” Spirits of Meath ” festival , near Athboy, revives Celtic legends of Halloween, around torch processions and open-air horror film sessions . In Derry, voted the world’s best Halloween destination by USA Today, Europe’s largest Halloween street carnival is held along the Morne and Foyle rivers. City buses are transformed for the occasion into ghost buses! In the United States , two festivals are unmissable on Halloween: theNew York parade with some 50,000 people in disguise along 6th Avenue, and the West Hollywood Carnival in which more than 500,000 people participate each year! In Austria , ” Seleenwoche “, the Week of All Souls, from October 30 to November 8, pays tribute to loved ones who have passed away while Retzer Land celebrates the pumpkin. This is where you have to taste the pumpkin goulash, pancakes and risotto before admiring the parade of thousands of pumpkins! In SwedenSkogskyrkogÃ¥rden, the largest cemetery in Stockholm, welcomes thousands of people who come to pray with their loved ones. Children dress up as witches on Maundy Thursday and go on a candy hunt. Finally, in Italy , in Otranto in Puglia, the religious feast of  Tutti i Santi also sees families praying in cemeteries, while guided tours of the chapel of the martyrs take place in the cathedral of Otranto, where more of 800 skulls beheaded during a Turkish invasion in the 15th century …

Where does the Halloween pumpkin come from?

What would Halloween be without the iconic character of Jack O’Lantern?This one finds its origins in Ireland. In a traditional tale, Jack, a farrier addicted to alcohol, meets the devil in a bar. The evil one claims his soul from him but Jack manages to trap him. There followed other challenges launched between the Irishman and the devil. When Jack dies, on October 31, the gates of Heaven remain closed to him… just like that of Hell. He is therefore condemned to wander in the darkness. But he obtains one last favor from the Devil: a burning coal, to light his way. Jack places it in a hollow turnip, acting as a lantern. Legend has it that the Irish drunkard, damned soul, reappears every year, on the day of his death, on Halloween. The turnip is therefore the ancestor of the current pumpkin, in which a candle is placed, 

What better Halloween makeup?

As Mexico prepares to celebrate the Day of the Dead (associated with the celebration of the feast of Catholic will be popular on Halloween. Indeed, since the animated film Coco produced by Disney / Pixar 5 years ago, the somewhat outdated skeleton makeup has come back into fashion.

La Catrina’s makeup is rather easy to achieve. You just need to apply, using a sponge, a white foundation or a white greasy blush on the entire face and neck. Then circle your eyes, including the eyebrows, with a black make-up, and fill the two large circles with a black color or a gradient of colors. Draw an inverted V shape on the nose and fill the area with black eyeshadow. Using a brush, draw several vertical lines above the lips and stretch on each side to the middle of the cheeks.

To give your Catrina a darker dimension, you can wear white contact lenses and a white or pink wig. The choice of black color around the eyes is also not mandatory. Depending on your artistic skills, you may as well go for vivid color gradients and draw other shapes on the face. Let your creativity run free!

Depending on your preference, you can add roses in your hair or glitter and small diamonds on your skin. By the way, know that the traditional La Catrina wears a large hat and is tastefully dressed.

Finally, know that Mexican Day of the Dead makeup is not just for women. If “La Calavera Garbancera” is a popular character in Mexican culture, men can also adopt her type of makeup!