12 Halloween makeup ideas for a successful last minute costume

Halloween is almost here, which means if you haven’t found a costume yet, your options are limited as the 31st approaches. You can settle for the classic ghost costume with a sheet over your head or a cat ear headband, but you can also dig into your makeup bag and get creative. With a little eyeliner and eye shadow, you can achieve a festive, fun and above all scary look.

From Pinterest to Instagram, TikTok and Youtube, we’ve scoured the web and social platforms to find you the best easy makeup ideas for Halloween. Get inspired!

Pennywise Makeup 

Pennywise’s look is pretty intense, but this streamlined version adopted by Demi Lovato is softer and can be easily recreated for Halloween.

Optical illusion makeup

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you: this Halloween makeup tutorial is actually about drawing a second face on your real face. It’s easy? Not really. It’s worth it? Yes. Youtuber Cynthia Dulude shows you how.

Glam Frankenstein Creature Makeup

If ‘glam’ + ‘Frankenstein’ are two words you would never have imagined together, take a look at this Halloween makeup. Here’s the cutest Frankenstein monster for Halloween, featuring a bold red lip, purple eyeshadow, and face paint.

Joker makeup

Any version of the Joker is a good choice, but the newer version of Joaquin Phoenix seems the most modern (and easiest to pull off). 

Skull makeup 

We love the simplicity (and the beauty!) Of this last minute Halloween makeup. All you need is black gel eyeliner and a neutral and dark eye shadow palette. It is quite easy.

Lioness makeup

This year, swap the classic cat makeup for that of a lioness and you are sure to turn heads in your path.

Robot makeup

Don’t want to go crazy with too many colors? Go for this robot makeup for Halloween, for which all you will need is liquid eyeliner to create those robot lines. It’s an idea that is super easy to achieve at the last minute.

Zombie makeup

If you prefer a scary costume, this fake blood covered zombie will scare everyone. Use a cool toned eyeshadow palette to create a sunken look in the eyes. Use eyelash glue and fake blood to create scabs all over your face and neck to make the whole thing even scarier. 

Doll makeup

Makeup artist Maria Starkey adds stitches and cracks, from which pops out a bit of cotton filling, around her face and cleavage to achieve that creepy, yet easy-to-achieve doll look.

Rabbit makeup

No, this is no ordinary bunny makeup. Premium cosmetic paint makes this Halloween makeup stand out from the crowd.

Pop Art Makeup

Outline your face with strategically placed black lines and white dots to mimic your favorite comic book character. Then put on an evening dress. Roy Lichtenstein would be impressed.

Cheshire Cat Makeup

Cover your face in pink makeup using a makeup sponge for this Cheshire cat look, making sure to draw feline stripes in darker pink around your face. Draw an exaggerated mouth with thin black eyeliner, painting the teeth white and filling in the spaces with black.